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  1. Why the short plug change interval on the 2.4?

    Oh definitely looks easy! In fact, I don't think I've seen a car in modern history that looks as easy to work on as this one! Tons of room in the engine compartment! I am wondering about the battery removal process, though........
  2. Brand new (less than 24 hours) owner of a 2016 SXT with a 4 cylinder. The friendly folks on the "Welcome" forum mentioned changing plugs at 30k intervals, and today I dug into the Owner's Manual and saw that recommendation, as well. I don't know that I've ever heard of a modern car needing plug changes so frequently. Can anyone explain what the deal is or what happens if you exceed the recommended interval?
  3. 2016 SXT picked up today

    Interested to hear, too, how these do with four people (maybe even 5) and luggage on a 1,000 mile road trip? Does the suspension handle it ok? Enough cargo room inside? Can you tie anything on top on the luggage rack?
  4. 2016 SXT picked up today

    Thanks for the welcoming replies! Yes, it's definitely still a family car - although the family is reaching that point where they are beginning to leave the nest. 99% of the time it is just a 2 or 3 person vehicle. Once a year (maybe) we'll get a chance to take a trip as a family. I have no plans to pull anything (I have an older Expedition if I need anything like that). Wish I'd had more time to research and I'm sure I would have sought out a 3.6 (the decision wasn't mine, as you might imagine!). One positive (possibly) is that this little 2.4 looks super easy to work on with all that room in the engine compartment! Hopefully I won't be confirming that anytime soon. It is coming up on the 30k mark, so I will take the advice on the plugs (Champion, I assume?) Thanks, again!
  5. 2016 SXT picked up today

    Made a decision today to buy a 2016 SXT 4 cyl - the decision was completely devoid of research. On the short test drive, we really liked the ride. Neither of us drive hard or aggressively, so hopefully the 4 cyl will be adequate. It has just under 30k on the odometer. We're coming into this from an '08 Caravan with the 3.3. It's been a reliable vehicle (no frills, but no drivetrain issues or any costly repairs). I'm hoping we made an ok decision with this one. I'm anxious to become active on the forum - I have had great experiences on the Jeep and Ford forums. I'm open for any and all advice (and criticism for buying it)! Look forward to getting to know you all!