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  1. Guess I'm the new guy

    Hi there all. Just wanted so say Hi as I'm the new guy around here so I guess I have to buy the 1st drinks. My names Joe and I'm from the south UK and the wife drives the dodge. We have 4 girls so we're after a big 7 seater to make sure we could all get out together. We looked for a good 2 years at all the stuff the UK had to offer and none were any good (too small boot, not enough room to fit baby seat in back etc), then out of the blue the misses came across the dodge journey. Never really heard of them over here but it was what we were looking for in every way. Now I'm sure I didn't come here to show you my love for the car and for you to hear my life story but I will put my other question in the relevant part. So Hi to all and who's drinking what