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  1. No work needed just the next day it started working fine
  2. It's not doing it now, that's odd
  3. How do I send a private message
  4. I have a 2016 Dodge journey RT and I just noticed that if I make a phone call through my car it crackles on my end but they can hear me as clear as day on the other end they do not hear the crackling I disconnected the phone reconnected the phone turned off the radio and turned the radio back on a just started doing it
  5. Towing

    Great thanks
  6. Towing

    I was just thinking since I'm only going 60 miles, on a curvy, winding road, with very little hills if I can just keep it in D DRIVE? And put in manual when I have to?
  7. Towing

    Thanks for ur feedback
  8. Towing

    I'm only going roughly 60 miles, the road is winding, and curvy, and a few hills, I'm just used to my 2005 explorer that had a o/d button u push for on and off, have never experienced the autostick feature before, so when u talk about the autostick feature where it has the +/- it's very confusing, cuz when I 1st used it it automatically put me in 6th gear, so if I'm going up and down hills, is that when I use the +/- and what gears should I be in on the up and down hills? Just dont what to ruin my transmission
  9. Towing

    Lol, that's ok
  10. Towing

    What turns the OD off I didn't see that in the manual?
  11. Towing

    What's the ? For?
  12. Towing

    I did read that D- (downshift) is for towing and D+ is for regular driving
  13. Towing

    It doesn't mention anything about driving and towing just what and how much to tow
  14. Towing

    Cool, one more thing, I had a Ford explorer and when I towed with it I had to turn o/d off, I dont have this option with the DJ, anything I need to know before I start towing anything, it is an automatic also? So just put in drive and go?