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  1. Hello, I have a 2014 Journey 2.4 with some issues. The red lightning bolt (throttle control) and traction control light came on. The red lightning bolt comes on briefly and the trac light stays on. This happens at various speeds, and now every time. I checked for codes with a generic OBDII scanner, but has none. The Battery and alternator seem to be working fine according to the parts store. Not sure if anyone can help, but would like to get some intel before just throwing parts at it. I recently did a transmission service, by replacing the filter and fluid. I used the required ATF+4 fluid and Lucas additive. Surely this would not affect it, but it does shift funny. I do not have a complete loss of power like I've read others post on line. It seems to go in a brief limp mode, but the traction light stays on when this happens. Any ideas???? Thanks in advance, Thomas