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  1. Picked one up off a scrap car on kijjii 40.00... a shame it's just a small plastic clip that can't be replaced ...
  2. Picked up rims at a chrsler dealer so all good for now ...
  3. Hello there trying to find used steel rims .called the scrap yard .they tell me journeys didn't come with this size oem.so no steel rims .. any other dodge vehicle rims I can use ....any help would be appreciated... want to get snows mounted and don't want to mount on aluminum so I have to replace them in spring would prefer a separate mount for winters .. p225/65r17 Thanks
  4. its been a week since we got our new jouney , new to us … 2010 dodge journey , after todays snow fall , the tires are crap in the snow and onward to get snow tires , what rim sizes and tire sizes are my choices or do I have to stick with whats on the truck now ….p225/65r/17 I know that there is some variences I just prefer to know my choices when I go looking tomorrow for tires and rims …. thanks in advance tom
  5. I had a look under site ... Not much there or pictures ... you tube has nothing .....
  6. hi there just picked up a 2010 dodge journey , going thru it and the sunglass compartment ,conversation mirror ,is hanging down priced out a new console at 430.00 that's not gonna happen . kinda crappy weather to hit the scrap yards ,looks like its missing a gear or something on the right side of the latching system . anyone done any repairs or have some pics of what they have done . let me know would love to hear some ideas or see some pictures thanks in advance