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  1. Engine cooling upgrade

    Mine is the 6 cylinder. I'll probably change the thermostat and flush the system and see what happens over a months time with the weather heating up slowly.
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for upgrading the cooling system? I'm looking for a better radiator, hoses, thermostat, etc.. expecting to have a very hot 3 months of summer and I don't want the engine to heat more. Has been good at a max of 220 but recently jas been getting to 230 today 233.
  3. Diagnostic tools

    ABS and tractioncontrol lights have been on for a week now. Dealership said 60 to 175 just to diagnose possible problem. Any recommendations on OBD readers to help diagnose possible problem? I would rather invest into something i can use later instead of a one time diagnosis.
  4. Hey all, for those who replied to my last post of overheating. I was able to trace the coolant leak to the oil cooler/oil filter housing. It's an easy repair but will take some time. Now that I have that all fixed my car still seems to be running at a high temperature. For those who use the recommended/required coolant what is the ideal coolant temperature that a 2012 dodge journey should be running at? It used to run at about 120 degrees but I also had a different coolant. Now it goes up to about 185 and that was pretty high and close to how it was when it overheated the first time. Any thoughts?
  5. Overheating

    Yah it looks like it has a bad leak on the driver side back of the motor I'm going to jist take a look at it and see if its hopefully just a torn hose but if it's not I'm not going to touch it and take it to a mechanic.
  6. Overheating

    New member here. I just purchased a 2012 dodge journey with the 3.7 liter v6 engine no more than 2 weeks ago. It overheated slightly but afterreplacing the antifreeze container cap and filling up it has been fine until today. Stepped on the gas a little harder than usual to catch speed from a freeway dead stop. Car overheated and after letting it cool down it was doing ok and now is constatly overheating for the last few hours. I'm trying to get it home and check it. Any ideas wherei should start. Has this been an issue for anyone else if so what was it. The fans work the water pumps seems to be working and the thermostat as well. Thank you in advance.