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  1. Rad fan not cycling correctly

    I have manifold gauges and have checked the pressure verified by a certified tech. Yes fan acts the same with AC on or off
  2. Rad fan not cycling correctly

    Not low and the compressor isn’t cycling
  3. Can anyone tell me the parameters for wich the electric cooling fans turns on/off? it’s not causing overheating issues in the engine but it is causing A/C issues. At idle it will kick on but only for a few seconds then kick off and continue to do this regularly every few minutes. I want to know what is telling it to kick on and what values it used so i can determine the problem, or if there even is one.
  4. No heat to rear

    2010 dodge journey has no heat to rear at all. Front heat works good. Replaced rear heater core, both thermostats, and flushed the lined to ensure no blockage. I have verified im getting SOME coolant to the rear but the lines running to the back are not even getting hot so i think the flow is very very minimal. Its almost as if the front heater core is taking all the hot coolant away... any thoughts?