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  1. I have a great condition Rhino Rack Aero crossbar kit for the '09-'16 Dodge Journey. This is the style that grabs onto the rain gutters, so it's for cars that have a flat roof, with no factory roof rails. Rhino's website only claims fitment on '09-'16, but it might fit newer years - I lack the expertise to tell you, personally. Rack is being sold complete, without missing parts like some racks you may find on craigslist. This includes the aero crossbars, a key, legs and the protective roof pads. It's been only lightly used (and stored for the past couple of years) but it still has some small marks here and there. It doesn't have any dents or damage, however - it's in really nice shape. The current similar setup is $469 new (check rhinorack.com and put in the car info). Yours for $199 OBO + shipping. I accept Paypal (or cash if you're local to the Colorado front range and we can meet in person). I'm not totally sure how much shipping will cost for this since it's 58" long, but it doesn't weigh all that much. Happy to get a quick estimate for you if you're interested.