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  1. Hello all new to the forum here. 2018 Dodge Journey Crossroad w/ 3.6 in it. I was just wondering if anyone had any information on how much weight the front axle and the rear axle of the vehicle already have on them with no one in the vehicle and no luggage or anything. Just seeing whether it would be smart to put heavier people in the front or back when towing with a ~1100-1300 lb trailer (that's the total weight of the trailer and what will be in it). Example would be 2 250-270 lb people and then 2 150-180 lb people in the actual vehicle. Or if it would even really matter since it doesn't seem to be maxing out any of the weight limits set in the owners manual. Just not sure how much the front end w/ the engine etc weighs in comparison to the back end of the vehicle itself. Sorry if this is too specific or what nots. Thanks for any info