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  1. So today after starting my 2011 Journey, my check engine light comes on and my ambient temperature reads -40. Gas cap is on tight. Are these two issues related at all? I’d hate to have to replace the temp sensor if this might be some weird malfunction. thanks, Tim
  2. I’ve been a Journey fan for several years now, after renting one for a road trip. For the past four years, I’ve owned a 2011 Mainstreet and recently I’ve been experiencing several problems seemingly related to the electronics. It it started with a very inaccurate tire gauge and then spread to the temperature indicator before infecting the brake light and engine light. Those were just minor annoyances until the ignition sporadically started shutting down while in operation. Thankfully this sort of error was short in duration and was in a situation where I could safely wait it out. However, it’s been becoming more frequent. When this occurs, the dash lights all flash around, the stereo shuts on and off and the car slows down but the brakes are still functional, although the ABS lights turns on. It takes putting it into park and trying the push button until it starts back up. It it should be noted that the alternator and battery were replaced six months ago for an unrelated issue. I am the furthest thing from a mechanic and know virtually nothing about cars. But I would very much appreciate any insight or suggestions on what it might be and/or how involved the repair might be. I am in-between jobs and my father has cancer and needs reliable transportation for his treatment. So it would be nice to have a heads up on how to plan and proceed before racking up a huge bill. Thanks in advance, Tim