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  1. New 2017 Journey Crossroad Plus

    I just got a Crossroad also. I like the color of yours. Welcome.
  2. Hello Everyone

    I am a new owner of a '17 Crossroad also. Welcome.
  3. New member with new to me DJ

    It was about $1300 from the dealer. It paired well because we got the certified pre-owned which adds more to the factory powertrain. I didn't particularly need the Navigation or the DVD but it either this one or a GT because I wanted the v6. All of their other DJ's were the 4 cyl. I just thought a 4000 lb car needed more than the 4 cyl.
  4. drvs

  5. New member with new to me DJ

    Hello fellow DJ members, Just got a new to me 2017 Journey Crossroad (17k miles) Options: V6, leather with sport mesh, 8.4 uConnect, NAV, DVD, certified pre-owned so Dodge 7yr/100k power train + I purchased the extended warranty to 75k Have had many Dodge vehicles in the past (6), this DJ reminds me of my 1st generation Durango I had minus the v8. I have searched the members posts here to make my final decision of which options to purchase so I thank everyone for that. I hope to learn more about my DJ, everyone else's DJ, and to help out if I can. I also restore cars as a side hobby; Currently working on a 1968 Mustang.