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  1. Hatch is stuck.

    Thanks. I've tried but I'll give it another go.
  2. Hatch is stuck.

    I am still stuck here friends and so is my hatch. Any insight before I hand the car over to the garage?
  3. Hello from Quebec

    Thanks to all
  4. Lars

  5. Hatch is stuck.

    All the sudden my hatch is stuck. I found this thread but I cannot turn the white plastic thing as described without breaking it. When I lock/unlock with the remote, I can hear and see the actuator move. The white plastic thing is moving a bit when I press "unlock" on the remote but nothing happens when I press "lock". Any suggestions are welcome. Also, can I remove the panel on the hatch when it's closed? I need to get access to the latch mechanism. Thanks.
  6. Hello from Quebec

    Just saying hello and introducing myself. I'm Danish, living in QC, Canada. I bought a 2013 Journey SXT not long ago as my Ford Focus was getting too small for my handyman business. Yesterday I ran into a problem with the hatch as it will not open. I'll post about it in the correct category :-)