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  2. Ok, so today I plugged in my iPad to charge and it recognized it as an iPod and started playing music from it without it blacking out. I tried satellite radio and normal radio and they were all working. It seems that when I have something plugged into the middle console USB the uconnect works. If I disconnect the charger from the iPad but not the console it starts blacking out again. Weird. Any ideas?
  3. I called the dealership and I'm over 60k so the radio is not under warranty anymore. This issue happened 2 weeks after getting the Journey so I'm not interested in paying a few hundred $$ if it's something I can fix myself. It can't be a hardware issue or else the hardware would have been malfunctioning while the upgrade was taking place.
  4. Also, I'd like to try disconnecting the battery but I've read that I may need an anti theft code after...true?
  5. My 8.4 uconnect, no Navi, is having behavior issues! I started my car a few weeks ago and as soon as the screen came up it faded away. It does this every 10 seconds, it affects my radio which turns off for a few seconds. If I have my phone playing music via Bluetooth or aux, or a CD in, it restarts the song over every 10 seconds. It comes up with the dodge screen but not the screen with the warning that comes on when starting the car. My USB also stops charging my phone every 10 seconds unless I have it plugged into the USB in the backseat. I was thinking a fuse issue maybe or an update is needed. I installed the update and while installing on that screen, it didn't reboot. The screen stayed on the entire time which was very promising but as soon as the update was done and it was back to the red/black uconnect screen it started rebooting every 10 second again. This tells me it's not a hardware problem but a software problem. I've tried going into the menu where you can factory reset but I can't get to that menu. Any ideas what could be causing this? I'm really trying not to take it to the dealership! TIA