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  1. Heat issues

    Lol sorry for your trouble wow. I’ve had the same problem with different temps, but have not replaced anything. Just my experience here... Winter is upon us and when I turn on the heat both sides, cool air on pass side. I’ve opened the glove box, dropped it down and assisted the warm/cool adjuster by hand idk how many times. Now for a wild card that might help you... Let your inner trickster out and play some reverse psychology on your DJ. Try to turn the temp to the opposite you want. Ex. I set climate to floor and defrost mode cranked to max heat both sides. But pass side is freezing, by me now sliding or pressing the pass temp to LO/colder all the sudden... HOT air comes out. It’s sad and it ticks me off that they can’t be in ‘sync’ but hey it works for me. Might work for you?! Darn electrical mechanisms! Take care
  2. Cruise control

    Not sure if your DJ was included in the T47 recall. *not advised since a dealer will repair for free if your included by vin... check to see here... https://www.mopar.com/en-us/my-vehicle/recalls/search.html But here is a link for the recall which removes a plastic tab in steering wheel Which can rub against and expose a wire resulting in an unexpected airbag deployment lol... https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2017/RCRIT-17V432-2914.pdf Reason I’m sharing is I had similar issues with buttons responding. After my repair I noticed it happened more frequently. Either due to disassembling and re assembling (which puts wear and tear on our beloved platic pins, clips, and screw housings) but the old fashioned “tap or knock” on the exterior button housing itself would do the trick. But I too am getting tired of a simple thing not working correctly. As read in other posts the things/problems are the SCCM, switch itself, or the clock spring. After reading up on this, seems the most common resolution is the replacement of the SCCM. If your included in the recall just suggest to the dealer/mechanic personally that it would be appreciated if they looked over the wire connections to see any damage or to find any loose connections. Keep us posted!
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