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  2. Aftermarket Heated Steering Wheel?

    The window sticker has heated seats listed in the driver convince package. So I'm gonna take a guess and say they don't come together, at least not in 2013 anyway
  3. Centre Caps for Winter Rims

    Hey guys, so today I got around to putting winters on my 2013 dodge journey, and retired the factory summer tires for a few months. Got a set of Bridgestone Blizzak mounted on steel rims and my only complaint is that there's a little hole that looks like it goes into the axel right in the middle of the rim? It's probably not anything bad but I'd like to cover it up... anyone know if they have the covers like what you see on the ford police interceptors (where they leave most of the steel exposed and just cover the middle and lugs) but with dodge branding? I'll attach a photo of what I'm talking about at the end. Just like the silvery-chrome piece in the middle. Thanks Guys
  4. Aftermarket Heated Steering Wheel?

    As I stated in a previous reply, it is possible from what i've heard from various people. Depending on the car, year, when it was built and the trim level, there may or may not be a pre installed harness for the heated wheel. If not I talked to someone that had just used some wire clamps (the kind with the metal arch that slices through the wire coating and just conducts over to the other wire, i'll see if I can find a picture later) to hook the wheel into the heated driver seat switch so they come on and off together with out having to flash the radio...
  5. Aftermarket Heated Steering Wheel?

    Thanks for the welcome I talked to some people and what I go was that the wheel could be swapped out for a heated one, although depending on the exact time the car was built there may or may not be a harness for the heated wheel in the steering column. As for the switch, the dealer could refresh the system to add the button, but according to a guy at Canadian tire he added a heated wheel to his dodge car (charger I think he said) and used clamps to tie into the power control/supply of the heated drivers seat, making the seat and wheel come on together... Regardless, doing so voids the "bumper to bumper" warranty so its not happening in my car for another year :D
  6. Aftermarket Heated Steering Wheel?

    Hey guys! It's my first post and I was just wondering if any of you knew anything about how dodge has the wiring harness in the steering column of the journey. We bought a 2013 SXT with heated seats, but no wheel about a week ago and if I find a wheel with the proper uConnect/curise control buttons + a heating element, could I switch them out? does it need a new harness or are all the wires already there? Any help/ suggestions are greatly appreciated. So far I know that; Mopar sells heated wheels for $600 I can find a wheel that came out of an accident car for about $100 The heated wheel is available on higher end 2013 trim levels (R/T) I would need to add the heated wheel soft key to the radio control page thing somehow. (I have the uConnect 8.4N btw) Thanks in advance :D