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  1. Cargo Cover AliExpress

    I have bought from China before, likely ebay, not I think from this source and your right one of the big drawbacks is time to get your stuff. I remember the last thing I ordered was taking so long I didn't think it was ever going to arrive. I notice on this ad it says 36 to 58 days so 1 to 2 months....... Above someone mentioned about the screws to attach the brackets, now correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is the 5 passenger (2 rows of seats) has the attachment points for the cover built in where the 7 passenger (3 rows of seats) does not and the cover is not an option when you buy it, so I wonder if the 7 passenger version is some sort of compression fitting ....... All the Best Bill
  2. Cargo Cover AliExpress

    Has anyone tried the Cargo Cover from AliExpress ? Not sure about 2014 but for 2018 (build & price) there a $100 option don't mind the $100 but to buy afterwards they want CDN $400+ quite a markup so I am curious if anyone has bought one from these guys looks like about $140 delivered, not sure if I would get dinged for duty or tax. Thanks Bill
  3. Rims/Tires on Crossroad

    Thank you, perfect answer, puts this one to rest All the Best Bill
  4. Rims/Tires on Crossroad

    I read through some messages but I am still a bit unclear on swapping tires/rims the 2014 crossroad I am looking at comes with 225/55/R19's it seems to be really difficult to find steel rims in this size, I do see listed 225/65/R17's used with winter tires mounted are these a swap or they just won't fit or would be unsafe, if the do fit and are safe what would be the difference, I would guess the Crossroad would sit a little lower to the ground. Thanks Bill
  5. I am looking at a 2014 Journey crossroad, push button start, the key fob does not have remote start. Does the car already have all the "stuff" in place and you only need to buy a remote start key fob and have it programed or is there all kinds of wiring and modules to install. Not worth it to me to add all the hardware. Thanks Bill
  6. Cargo cover

    Thanks for the reply, my inclination is it comes standard, the fellow like you may have taken it out and forgot about it because its not in the vehicle, unfortunately the dealer will never tell me the name of the person who traded it in...... there a bit pricey from mopar here in Canada about $500 tax in although you can get them on ebay or Amazon for a lot less. He may have done a Bill on it, I remember on a different brand I took it out to load the back and forgot it was on the roof and drove away, never did find it Thanks All the Best Bill
  7. Cargo cover

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, Looking at a 2014 Journey crossroad 2 rows of seats not the 7 person one, does this vehicle come standard with the retractable cargo cover ? it has the "customer preferred package 28v" not sure exactly what this includes. Thanks Bill