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  2. Stevesxt.....they never figured anything out. Dodge claims its normal with this vehicle, and refused to do anything else because everything was tight and SAFE. We ended up trading. Sorry I can't help more, but good luck my man
  3. Menoch, I know how u feel about the ride along with a tech. Mine said "I can get every car on our lot to do that". Either he was deaf, or just didn't get it, because this is the first and only vehicle I've known to do this. I've owned over thirty, from low mileage price cars, to 480,000 mile beaters. Plus, I've been a manager at three dealerships over the last twenty years.... I asked for a different tech, and that one at least put effort in to it.
  4. Tell em not to waste their time replacing the lower control arms.....that's a waste as well. It did seem a lot better for about a week, now it's about the same as before. And seems to worsen when the roads are wet. Itd be awesome if dodge put a little more effort in to solving this, because it's kinda freaking me out to spend thirty grand to listen to a clunk for the next five years, wondering when something's gonna snap and leave my wife stranded. I love my 14 Ram, but this journey? Ugh.
  5. I haven't noticed that myself, but I'll keep an ear open for it. Ahhh the joys of cars!
  6. Well, it seemed to help, only heard it twice very slightly the first night. But it seems to be coming back more frequently again, like something is loosening up...ugh what a pain.
  7. Yes they are, which I'm grateful for! Just got both lower control arms replaced, picked up half an hour ago, and so far so good. I'm going to be putting about 50 miles on it tonight, so I'll know for sure if it's cured or not. Dodgecares, if this does cure it, is there a way to let Chrysler Corp know of this cure from your side?
  8. These guys HAVE been pretty accommodating, other than one tech who said he can "get every car on the lot to make that noise", I'm pretty sure he's deaf...I'm bringing it back in again today, so hopefully dodge has given them a little more input to figure it out. Fingers crossed.
  9. As I commented in my first post, this noise IS known and verified by service techs, and on a few different journeys 2015-2016's, two of which were pulled from their lot and driven by the service advisor and the tech. The tsb for the struts HAS been addressed, replaced both sides and the isolators, greased the bejeezus out of them, all to no avail. It was put up on the hoist AFTER the tsb, AFTER driving with tech, and AFTER checking tightness of all suspension components. The service advisor requested I try to gain some info from this forum to see if anyone has found a solution to this OTHER than the tsb, seeing as how there are a few ppl who have had this same issue, addressed the tsb, and STILL have the problem unsolved.
  10. They aren't even sure WHAT the issue is. They've had it up in the air with chassis ears and two techs trying to diagnose it with no luck. Lots of guesses, but no definite ones. Seems odd that four out of four journeys have this issue, and as of yet, dodge doesn't know about it
  11. I'm having the same issue, the clunk, squeak noise over small bumps, turning, etc. Dealer has replaced the struts and isolators as a start. Didn't help. They had our journey for four days, and can't pinpoint anything. The rental we have is a 16 journey, same issue, and only 7000 miles on it. Dealer took a used journey and a new 15 off lot, and both are doing the same thing. Has anyone found a solution to this? Dealer says everything is really tight underneath, but obviously SOMETHING isn't right....