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  2. Just bought a "12 R/T

    Okay thanks! As I have said not a big deal just seeing if it was an option. I will look around to find the brake issue.
  3. Just bought a "12 R/T

    Thanks for the reply and the welcome. Just to clearify you don't think it was an option or you don't think I can add it or both. I don't need it but it has been cold as heck lately and my wife would like it. I also don't want an aftermarket wheel. It is the same wheel that was on my 12 charger and 12 ram that had or have a heated wheel. Could I get a junkyard wheel? Is there a way to add it to the 8.4 screen. Thanks again. Rob
  4. Just bought a "12 R/T

    Hey guys and gals, I just bought a "12 R/T for the wife and so far we like it! As I was looking around it seems that little has changed from 11-17 and since we found this vehicle with low miles there was no reason to get a brand new one. And by buying it used we were able to get an RT with a lot more options (video player for the kids) than we could have afforded with a new vehicle. One thing that is missing is a heated steering wheel. The car has heated seats but not on the wheel. I was wondering if this was an option in 12 as it seems to be a weird thing to leave off of our car. In my quick google search I couldn't find anything on a heated wheel but I did see it on later model years. Is this something that could be added? Thanks for any information in advance! Rob