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2011 dodge journey r/t on/off dash lights while driving

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11 hours ago, 2late4u said:

after reading some of these  post i am glad i bought the lifetime max warranty...


Amen to that!

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On 01/03/2017 at 7:46 PM, Ghost said:

So I have an update to what has transpired since my last post.


I contacted the company that sells the external voltage regulator conversion kit and they told me that my 2011 journey would need a Modified Terminal Block for my Alternator which they haven't yet designed or have available.  So I scrapped the idea of trying for an external voltage regulator.


Based on the $120 diagnostic fee I paid to the independent shop telling me I needed the new PCM I took it to the dealer and had them install and program the new PCM board with the built in voltage regulator.


The Dealer put in the new PCM and charged 2 hours of labour to reprogram, then they call me to tell me the battery light is still on the dash and problem is not fixed   The dealer then proceeds to charge me another diagnostic fee to discover that I need a new alternator which they quoted me another $700+ to install a new one and they are pretty sure that's what was required all along. 



So I took back the vehicle to the original shop that told me that I needed the PCM and asked them what's up - they diagnose again for free and tell me yep I need a new alternator and the PCM board was faulty as well as they are now geting power frome the red wire off the new pcm where there was no power from the old pcm.  So I'm left wondering if the shop is just covering their butt or if possibly some chain reaction occurred with one bad part causing the other to fail?  But what can I do now but spend more time and money to test the old PCM and see if it's really faulty or just grab a used alternator for $100 and pay the two hours labour to have installed (which is what I'm doing).


Either way I'm none too happy to have already spent over $1500 at this point and still need to spend more to get my Journey back on the road.  I could have almost replaced an entire engine for what I will end up spending.


Sorry it’s a bit of a rant but maybe this might help anyone else that experiences the same symptoms.  I’ll post again if the replacement alternator and new belt doesn’t finally fix the issue.



Did it fix your issue?

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For me, changing the battery was all I needed. I had Goodyear do it for 135 dollars. Totally worth it. 
The failed battery was causing the gremlins to come out. The new battery solved my issues....
Good luck OP

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