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Transmission fluid

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14 hours ago, Gmjourney75 said:

My DJ is a 2012 with a 2.4 engine.  It has a dip stick for the   transmission so would it make it serviceable other than taking it to the dealer


That just means you can check the fluid level. All transmissions are serviceable, with or without a dipstick. And, as stated, you don't need to go to the dealer. Do it yourself or take it to a transmission shop.

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Bringing thread back to life because:

My 2015 DJ with 2.4L & 4 spd auto transmission should be serviced. 75,000km (Canada)

Transmission shop wants $300 & tax

Buddy's garage wants $80 & parts/fluid 

I work in auto parts industry, got fluid and filter cheap and will do it myself. I haven't located the filler spot yet, one video says I have to remove air filter box for access. I don't think I need silicone for gasket, but I'll check tomorrow and find out for sure. The filter comes with gasket and O ring. Pan access doesn't even require lifting vehicle and I never lift it to change oil either.

My concern is the exact amount of fluid needed is listed as 3.8L and I don't really even want to make my own redneck dipstick or buy one. Can't I just put 3.8L in and call it a day?

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sure do it,what can go wrong other than ruin your transmission

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