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Black Diamond

My 2011 on 20's

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Edited with PIc!!

This is a pic of my 2011 Journey Crew with Dubs on it. The tires are Hankook Ventus AS RH07 265-45-20. I took my 19's off as 4 tires was very expensive in the long run for me. The Hankooks at Discount Tires were $705 and the rims were $1200. Basically it was $1900 and with a discount it was $1800. My original plan was to downsize to 18's however I couldn't find any 18's in the rims that I liked and the ones I did like unfortunately were hitting the calipers after doing a wheel fit. This way, I could get the rims and tires for just about the same price as replacing 4 19 inch tires as those usually are close to or a little over $1,000.. In my case, the tires and rims for 18's would've been about $1200 however in the long run, to replace the tires is way less expensive and even in the case of the 20's, it's about $700 or less to do four tires when the times comes. Either way, the math works out favorably when downsizing to 18's or going to 20's.

The ride is much smoother now! No issues in the 8 months that I have had them. No wet weather issues even during the ice storm we had here in Texas sometime back. I cannot speak for the snow as we don't get a lot of snow!

For those that have the Khumo Solus KH16 tires that came on the Journey (2011...I can't speak for the earlier or later years), I have found out the real reason mine were worn out after 25k miles. I talked to Khumo directly and the tires that were put on the Journey at the time were made out of a different compound than the replacement tires. That compound is designed to wear our quicker than the replacement tires. This is why there are so many reports of the factory tires wearing out between 25k to 30k miles. The "warranty" on these tires my not be specified in the tires warranty as far as exact number of miles (I didn't see anything in mine when I bought it used at 24K in May 2013 and the tires at that time were close to 3/4 worn) however once I talked to Khumo after the tires wore out quickly that's when I found this out. All tire specifications (including compounds) are requested and specified by the automobile manufacturer (yes that would be Chrysler in the case of our Journeys). I'm not trying to tell anyone to get on Chrysler or anything...however I'm just using my own experience to help those that may not be aware of this. If anyone still has the factory Khumo Solus KH16, it would best to contact Khumo directly just to make sure that your tires do not fall under the same category. I'm almost certain that this was the case for all 2011's that have these tires. This is nothing against Khumo because from what I hear, the replacement tires (which are not the same compound as the Chrysler factory tires that come on the vehicle new) are much better tires.



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