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Goodyear Integrity tires

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I had my tires and wheels stolen off my Journey a year after I bought it. I decided to go with Goodyear Integrity, thinking Goodyear was a good name I had heard before. My tires all four of them went bald in less than 20,000 miles. The back ones not as bad as the front but still only like 16,000 miles on them. I got a $25.00 credit on them and had to buy all four tires again for the tune of $500. This time I went with Dunlops. I will not be buying Goodyears again and the only reason I did this time was because they were a recommended tire for the Journey so that I wouldn't have to wait the 3 days or more to get the Kumho original tires in. And there was nothing wrong with the suspension or alignment either as that was tested as well before I got the credit.

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