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Hey everyone name is rob. Just made this Dodge Journey profile just to find out and take a poll is there anybody out there or anybody you know with a bagged Journey or know of anyone or have a link to anything Journey related on air?? Taking a poll for the lowest Journey out there and if there is any most importantly if there's any Journeys sitting on air tag a friend or whatever with any suspension modifications whatsoever.. but mainly looking for anyone at all that has a Dodge Journey or that knows of somebody with the Dodge Journey or seen somebody with the Dodge Journey that's sitting on bags or air or Air Management of any sort...


I've gone through hell and back and still continue to do so with this journey being a journey in itself. But soon enough couple three or four more weeks, well two more weeks struts will be done;) but a couple more to do stuff.


now I've seen a couple of screenshots from Instagram of a black journey and a white Journey low as hell but I think they are in Brazil if anyone knows of them tag them. I seen a video of the black one, but couldn't understand anything the guy was saying. 


My face book link.. I've made friend requests visible for time being so feel free

Rob Wood

 Any help to find out anything would be greatly appreciated guys thanks oh yeah 2010 SXT 3.5 front wheel drive man sometimes you got to love speech to text haha

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