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Who can tell me about towing with 2017 Journey AWD V6 with rear LED lights, do I need a oil cooler for it. My camper is about 1500lbs . It’s a pop up type 10’ with pull outs.. Also have a regular travel lite trailer 14’. Is there such a thing with cars now to have oil coolers?

Also do. Need a brake controller on dash for towing. 

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your local dealership would be your best bet for answers,or even read your car manual if you dont have one down load it off the internet for free.1500 lbs you should be okay, unless you over load it with camping equipment and extras like heavy accessories you shouldn't need an extra oil cooler. as well as you shouldn't need a electric brake controller but i guess that would depend on how you drive or what kind of driving you are doing lots of mountains or a lot of flat roads ..just remeber Journeys are not the best to haul heavy loads with just use common sense and you should be okay

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