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I know summer is coming on but I have a question about winter driving, especially the use of tire chains. I can't find any info in the booklet I got with my 2014 Journey (used). So my question is are they recommended and if so front or rear.  I assume front. Most winters we get by with studded tires and when we bought this car in February it had studded tires on it. However, now and then it snows allot and chains are often used in this area.



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since all journeys are fwd use them on the front, even AWD only kicks in when front tires loses traction from what I have herd ,so call or visit your dodge dealership for more accurate info on use of chains, personally grew up in Michigan and now live in AL and never had to use chains

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From the manual:


Use of traction devices require sufficient tire-to-body clearance. Follow these recommendations to guard against

  • Traction device must be of proper size for the tire, as recommended by the traction device manufacturer.
  • Install on Front Tires Only.
  • Due to limited clearance, P225/65R17 tire with a Security Chain Company (SCC) Super Z6 low profile traction device or equivalent is recommended.
  • Do not exceed 30 MPH. 

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