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Hey folks, a free plug for the War Amps Charity Key Tag Service in Canada.


Was out mountain biking last summer and didn't realize I had a hole in a cycling jersey pocket and the key fob and keys fell out somewhere on my 2 hour ride.  Ended up using the spare and did check the cost to replace from the dealer vs a locksmith company (within 5 bucks of each other). I had The War Amps Key Tag attached to the keys and almost a month to the day, a courier comes to my door with a package.  Some kind soul found the keys, followed the instructions to drop in a Canada Post mailbox, and they found there way to The War Amps office, and they then forwarded them to me using the registration number with my confidential info.  I was most pleased and tripled my annual donation immediately!  Been using this service for years and a faithful contributor.  It will continue.

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