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quick oil change shop

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well my last oil change it was cold and miserably out so for the first time i went to the local Havoline oil change place and had the oil and filter changed, made sure they had the right filter and was done in just a few minutes, well I just did the next oil change myself and dam did they ever bugger up the oil plug nut, I had to use a big pair of vice grips and got it to come off, so i walk to the Orilleys auto store and picked up a doorman oil plug with a plastic washer that says needs to be replaced with ever oil change. well I got the journey going again and will pick up a better oil plug from the dealership next week. first time i ever use a quick change oil place and the last  ....LOL  on a side note i removed the plastic covering below the windshield to remove all the leaves that were there from last fall, not to bad, about 6 push pin rivets and the one on each side of the cowling that looks like a Phillips screw didnt want to unscrew and i was able to just pop them out and then was able to pop them back in again after cleaning all the leaves out.....

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