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Hi all.  I know there is some animosity towards the factory navigation system, but I am a person who uses it and keeps it updated.  Here's my question.   I have the 2017 update loaded, but I got the map out of date message on the screen.  Does anyone know if there a 2019 map update available?  When I check uconnect only the 2017 comes up.  I'm assuming that my message was simply triggered by the uconnect system comparing the current date to the date of the software.   Please correct me if I am wrong.  Every other time I've gotten this message there has been an update available from uconnect. 



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Your assumption is correct;  The nag screen is triggered by the age of the maps and is unrelated to the availability of updates.

The traffic-less navigation data is adequate, even if it is a year old - the mapping on board is adequate for the vast majority of my nav needs.

And, g
iven the cost of the traffic service (we don't get the 5 years of free service in Canada) and the availability of much better mapping and traffic data online from a number of different providers I have stopped updating the mapping in my unit and let my Android phone do the heavy lifting (I use Waze for this) when I am on a schedule and need to thread my way through traffic, though in truth I rarely actually use the app.

Will I update the mapping? Perhaps one day;  when I have the time and am so utterly bored that I won't mind spending all the time required to build a map set and load it. 

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