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I have a 2010 dodge journey 2.0 crd rt, 89000 miles,

Recently started getting electrical issues, interior lights turn on when side lights and main beam turned on, interior lights flicker when rer wiper  used, reverse lights faintly on when lights on, reverse camera no signal but flickers when using rear wiper, driver seat switch stopped working, windows occasionally open on there own, alarm occasionally goes off..


Had it diagnosed, error code 54 returned regarding reverse camera, and been told it needs the BCM repairing, however having searched online i cant even find a bcm for sale, nor find where it is supposed to be in car.


2 problems here..


1) isthe auto electrician having me over, he wants to charge me 450 to repair it, however found some where that can for 150 if i post it them, hence me trying to find were it is on vehicle, but als everyone wants the part no, which again means me knowing where it is.


2) why cant i find anythingonline for it, theonly thing that comes up isthe relay box tipm...


Please help, love my car just cant afford to get ripped off

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