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Ideal coolant temperature

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Hey all, for those who replied to my last post of overheating. I was able to trace the coolant leak to the oil cooler/oil filter housing. It's an easy repair but will take some time. Now that I have that all fixed my car still seems to be running at a high temperature. For those who use the recommended/required coolant what is the ideal coolant temperature that a 2012 dodge journey should be running at? It used to run at about 120 degrees but I also had a different coolant. Now it goes up to about 185 and that was pretty high and close to how it was when it overheated the first time. Any thoughts?

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From the owners manual:


18. Temperature Gauge


The temperature gauge shows engine coolant temperature. Any reading within the normal range indicates that the engine cooling system is operating satisfactorily. The gauge pointer will likely indicate a higher temperature when driving in hot weather, up mountain grades, or when towing a trailer. It should not be allowed to exceed the upper limits of the normal operating range

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