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2013 Journey Radio/Nav Screen Black when the vehicle in running --- works when vehicle is off and power in accessory position

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First I would like to say I read every post in this forum on Black Screens and Radio/Nav problems to solve my problem and make sure I did not duplicate a post.  Thank you to everyone the takes the time to help everyone.  


I have a 2013 Dodge Journey Crew 4x2 with the 8.4" Nav/Radio 


I turned on the vehicle one day and the radio flashed the start up screen for one second and went black.  Does not work to the touch, all controls are dead and the heat in defaulted on defrost full blast.  I restarted the vehicle a few times with not change.  I hit the forums and started searching for answers and started with the 30 negative battery trick but it did not solve the problem.    A week later I started the vehicle and it was on.  While it was on I applied another fix from the forums and updated the software from 4.09 to 7.xx  (not sure) and updated the Garmin software/database.  The next day, dead again.   It did note that when the power is in the accessory position or run without the engine running, the unit works perfectly.  It is not until you start the vehicle that the screen goes black. Also note that when the screen is black the window controls on the drivers door blink and only the controls to the back windows will work.      One day the screen happen to be working while I was driving and it went out right before my eyes.  15 seconds later I heard a clicking in the dash/steering area (like a relay clicking) and the screen flickered a couple times and then came on.  This got me thinking the problem is a bad wire, ground, connection or relay but I have been hard pressed for find anymore information on the wiring of the system before I take anything apart and start poking around.  If you would have any advice moving forward, I would appreciate it.


Thanks in advance 


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Not sure if this will help you, but when you said it came back on it got me thinking. There was a recall for the wire loom in the drivers door for my 09, might be worth checking.  There is also a door module that’s controls the windows.  Might have nothing to do with your screen, but may explain the clicking noise.  Good luck!

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