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Hi Guys,

we bought the car used, and came with 1 fob key,

I have decided to buy an oem key from ebay, controlled the FCC ID with the original FOB and purchased 1 for around 35usd

arrived recently and today I tried to program it with launch x-diag pro

after program says successfully paired,  new key  locks and unlocks the door just fine but when I tried to start the car , immediatly i got the response 'no keys in the car'

i tried pushing the start stop button with fob key trick, it didn't work either

original fob key just works fine

I tried to delete all fob keys with program, and after that I installed both keys again,

same thing, original one works just fine and oem key just locks and unlocks the door

original key had 2 buttons only but the oem one has 3 buttons (lock unlock and panic)

do you think it could be the issue? FCC ID's are correct though




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