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Looking for a passenger side grill cover for the place where the foglight goes

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My duaghter was diving the DJ and hit a rabbit and it knocked the cover out. I have a 2014 SE so it never had fog-lights, I just need to grill like cover that was there. Anybody got any ideas besides the dealer? I think they are going to charge a premium price for it.



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2 hours ago, larryl said:

Do you have scrap car places around you ?? should be lots at a wreckers....

Soooo...it has been a long day at the hospital. I never once thought of checking them. Thanks for jump starting the ole think box.

1 hour ago, jkeaton said:

Try eBay 

Ebay has been kinda crap for me the last few years, really hit or miss. I used the get a ton of stuff there, hunting, fishing, camping, car stuff. Not so much lately. Thanks.

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