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Hi 2 all,

 I'm Carlos and I'm from Braga, Portugal!


I have a DJ R/T 2010 and I love it! I have 3 kids and needed space, so I bought one on December.2010! 8 years ago!

Car always OK, 130'000 kms of fun, BUT now I have one problem!


I have a tube that has a fissure ... see attached image please.
I think it's one of the intercooler tubes ...

I tried to repair it once but it did not work ...

I ask if anyone has ever had this problem?
Where can I order this tube? Can someone tell me what is the partnr of this tube? Is there any link from ebay or another website?
I hope anyone could help me with something.
Thanks and big hug to all!


IMG_20180319_104859 Dodge Furo Rasgo no tubo do motor turbo intercooler.jpg

Peça Dodge Journey Turbo ou Ventilação.jpg

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Is that just a coolant hose? Pop the engine cover off and take another picture. Should be able to source through a local parts supplier or online from rock auto or ebay.

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what size engine. need a lot more info . should be able to source a part from the internet with the correct info.we dont use diesel engines here if that is what it is.seams like your local garage should be able to get or make a similar  hose fit. good luck

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7 hours ago, KTM Laranjinha said:

Thanks anyway my friend,


I will bought here from uk or Poland in Europe ;)


You're are very cool, thanks!

mopar STATES.jpg

here in the states we are so lucky to have reasonable shopping options its crazy on how much things cost overseas that we dont see, even stuff for Canada cost so much more, just doesn't seem fair.. take care and check back in and post some pics of your journey and your country side.....

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