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Hello all, new to this forum. Just purchased a 2009 DJ with 76,000 miles from a local dealer. I'm second owner. Bought this for our 23 y.o. daughter. I already have the uconnect radio but no mic or module installed. Is it possible to find a similar Dodge vehicle in the junkyard, carefully remove, then install in mine. I know that I would need to go to dealer to "flash" the onboard computer. Parts counter told me I could buy part for 350 then pay for install. He told me I couldn't use one previously flashed. I'm a little to frugal to believe without others knowledge on this subject.

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I have an 09 but the dealer installed the hands free as  part of the deal.  Not sure if a used one will work.....sorry I can’t be more help!

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I seem to be on the same quest, newly acquired 2010 SXT with the RES with phone and Uconnect buttons but no Uconnect.

From what I have found is you buy the Uconnect  module from the dealer or some other source and then either have the dealer flash your computer through the ODBII port or buy a third party programmer that does it. Cost here in Canada is $249 for the Uconnect and $199 (US) for the programmer.

I am still trying to figure it out but this is what I have found so far.

Programmer: https://www.infotainment.com/collections/all/products/obd-genie-chrysler-dodge-jeep-uconnect-handsfree-programmer-c-hfm

Uconnect: https://www.moparpartscanada.ca/oem-parts/mopar-uconnect-phone-bluetooth-wireless-hands-free-82212159

In any case it is my understanding that even if you were to upgrade to navigation etc. you will still need the Uconnect kit, as to having to use the programmer I m not sure.

The infotainment site is very informative and they should helpful in answering questions.

Good luck and let me know how you make out!

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