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Service AWD strikes again

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Have own my 2013 DJ for years and always get the service AWD like every winter. I've come to accept that dealership always has an excuse why nothing is wrong. Matter fact it even did it on the drive home when i bought it.


Now today it is sunny and dry and warm weather outside. On my way home from work the service AWD light came on. Thought it odd since i was not driving aggressive. Further on my way home the engine light came on. Made no noises or drove any different then normal. 


Drove further home and the info screen on gauges went completely black. On a whim turned on headlights and it light back up. Stoped and turned off vehicle and restarted my DJ and AWD light and engine light came back on.


Anyone ever had this happen especially in dry warm weather?

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It sounds like it might be an electrical issue. I would start by disconnecting the battery for at least 30 minutes to reset everything. If that doesn't work you may want to check for shorts in the wiring (if you feel comfortable), or take it to the dealer. I know the AWD system uses a multitude of sensors, and one may be going out. I'd do the reset, check fuses, and if you don't find anything obvious take it in. 

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was able to connect my OBD2 reader this morning, son had Subaru it was in last night, and gave me codes for ECU for SRS and fuel gauge. But not for the service AWD. Drove it a bit this morning and check engine light came on right away and the traction control light stays lite, forgot to mention that one before, but no codes for it.


tried to clear them in tje event it was an isolated issue or just car being weird.


they instantly cane back on. 


here is a screenshot of codes



According to what it says they are either for no communication from ECU to SRS or fuel level

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