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Scheduled maintenance questions (transmission, plugs, etc)

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I bought my 2014 2.4L SE new with 2 miles on the odometer. Now at over 138k. Never had problems.

today I discovered the maintenance schedule recommends transmission fluid change at 120k. Not happening.

Also spark bugs every 30k. Have never changed them. 

Switched to full synthetic oil at 5k. 

have only ran into wheel bearing problems. Will be changing the plugs later today. 

Is there anything else I should pay attention to? 

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As sated in your duplicate thread, owners manual is what you should be following. Your plugs are a must. Copper core plugs are not designed to last past 30k. I'm surprised it's still running...lol. This thread is closed since your other one has multiple responses. Welcome to the forum. We like to have fun around here, as well as being really good at stating the obvious. 

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