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2012 journey issues

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Having multiple issues that we think may somehowe be connected
1) Washer fluid not working. No clogs, and tried swapping the motor out and it did not help
2) Rear Wiper not working. Once in a while it will kick in, but most of the time will not work. Again switched out with a new motor, and did not work
3) Radio. Sometimes when you start the vehicle, the radio will not turn on, and the only way to get it to turn on is to turn the vehicle off and then back on

Could this all be related?

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Rear wiper is likely not working because the wire in the wiring harness on the back liftgate is broken.  Mine did the same thing.  It is a common problem with them.  You need to pull the rubber housing off of it and check it.  A neighbor of mine fixed mine for me.  Mine would work once in a while.  Then it started working when we put it into reverse.  Both the backup light wire and the rear wiper motor wires were damaged and they were touching each other, causing the rear wiper to work when we put it in reverse.


Your nozzles on your engine hood could be plugged or frozen.  They are cheap to replace from ebay or amazon.  Another common problem with Dodge vehicles in general.


I have no idea about the radio.


youtube has some great videos on fixing the above problems.


I don't know much about mechanics, but I hope my reply is helpful to you.



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No wiper issues as of yet but, the same radio problems for the last year plus on our 2012. FINALLY someone else, dealer flashed the radio once and verified most current version. Still, did not fix issue, every so often I stop shut car off and restart to get radio to work again. Hopefully, someone has more info on this issue for us ?

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