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I am having a issue updating the uconnect. I downloaded the update to a micro USB that I have a adapter for. I put the SD card in the SD card slot in the 2016 journey rt. No supported file. File remains in kwi never dealt with this type of file but I don't see what I'm doing wrong. Driveuconnect site got the proper file I'm on my 10 attempt so far. The ucconect is not allowing me to use my headted seats and steering wheel. I had to pull the fuse out because I was slow cooking my rear end couldn't stand it anymore it doesn't go off itpo stay on the whole time and the touch buttons do not respond in controls. Please help

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The .kwi format should be correct. There is usually a problem if there is something else on the card. Make sure you format the card (I believe FAT32) and only copy the update onto it. If there is something else it will not be able to read it correctly. If it is the only thing on the card, format it again and load the file onto it again. The file may have gotten screwed up on the transfer. 

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