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Found 8 results

  1. I need to write this because after spending hours online researching this issue, someone on here said that if the radio was replaced during warranty, it should be replaced for the life of vehicle & to contact Chrysler. Well, I apologize for not knowing your screen name, but I want to THANK YOU!! I own a 2015 journey r/t awd, loaded, RB5 satellite, nav, etc. I purchased in 12/15 & in 2/16 got the "can't unlock maps". Brought to dealer & they said I needed new radio. They did recall but it didn't change anything. The radio was replaced in July 2016. Fast forward to 2/2018, same issue with maps, & now siriusxm says "no signal see dealer for service". I brought to dealer & they said I was 4k miles out of warranty. I told service mngr that radio was replaced for same thing in 2016. She says so that was 3 years ago. Um, no, that would be 2 years lady. They checked it out anyway, & said I needed new radio but you're out of warranty. I've spent weeks trying to locate an affordable used radio, which wasn't easy. I read thru this forum endlessly looking for answers. Finally, before purchasing a radio from a salvage yard, I saw the post about contacting FCA. I spoke to them, not expecting much, due to my past dealings with Ford customer service, to which there is no worse!! Anyway, they immediately connected me with uconnect to escalate the case. I spoke with James, & he agreed & said it will absolutely be replaced since the same problem is occurring again. I couldn't believe it! Then he said due to my inconvenience, how would I feel about a few years of free oil changes & a loaner during my dealer visit to install new radio. Wow, just wow. I've owned Dodges since 2004, after leaving Ford for life after having to sue them under lemon law for my F450, after the engine seized 3X under warranty. I've never had to call Chrysler before, but it couldn't have gone better. Thank you again, & I just hope this can help someone else.
  2. My first forum and post thanks for help in advanced. My question is i got a 2016 DJ RT i have been doing my oil changes myself. I was told 2 oil changes later by a mopar diehard friend of mine that, i should keep receipts of my oil changes to keep my warranty valid am i screwed already? Im already having issue with the vehicle i dont like and plan on visiting dodge real soon
  3. Suspension

    I have 43k on my 2016 dodge journey sincw the snow has passed now my dj is soundling like a very old truck squeaks over speed bumps and and dip. Am i still covered i just learned that the 30k basic bumper to bumper is over for me shamefully since i never have time to take my car in. Im just wondering is this out my pocket to fix now. Im just blown away a little snow makes my car sound like its 20 years old and needs new suspension. Starting to regret my purchase more and more. I have a video but cant upload it
  4. Summary: We enjoy driving our Journey and find the layout and features class leading for the price, but are dismayed with the quality of the components and the dealership's service. Short of cancelling the remaining debt on our Journey, we will never find a reason to by another Chrysler product. Background: When the time came to add a seven passenger vehicle to our family fleet, I started researching online (including this forum) for a suitable candidate. Our parameters were: AWD, occasional 7 passenger seating, comfort for 5, and of course, value. Being a devoted Subaru fan (last 3 new vehicles were Subaru, still own 2), I wanted a Tribeca, but between the cost, complexity of the nav/infotainment system and cost, I had serious reservations. We loved the Ford Flex with Ecoboost, but cost and availablility were issues. We settled on the Journey because it had features we really liked, adequate power and fuel economy with the Pentastar and awesome price and financing. I had considered the known problems identified on this forum and thought surely they would have been resolved by the fourth year of production of this model. Sigh, I guess I'm just an eternal optimist... Pros: - Quiet cabin - Powerful motor (3.6) - Nicely finished interior - Great ergonomics and layout - Easy to use infotainment/EVIC/Uconnect Cons: - Vague handling - Rolly polly ride - Cheapest quality components known to mankind (see following) Warranty issues: - Interior fit and finish on seat components - BCM reflash (dead battery twice) - Satellite radio replaced - Rear differential pinion seal replaced - Rust bubbling under paint on passenger side door and front fender (no chips) - Front brake rotors warped at 40K km Now, while no vehicle is perfect, I have to say this vehicle has had more issues in the last 20 months than our last 3 Subarus combined. The dealership was fine with replacing the radio, reflashing the BCM and replacing the seal, but these last couple of days have put me over the edge. I just got the vehicle back from the dealership bodyshop where they fixed the rust: the paint does not match. It is obvious the door and fender have been repainted. I stopped at the dealership for an oil change and inquired about how to proceed regarding the warped front rotors, specifically if I needed to have the vehicle booked in and diagnosed. After describing the problem, the service rep said no, that it was pretty obvious and I should just call Customer Care if I thought that it was something I should be reimbursed for as it was outside the 1yr/20k km window. OK, I called Customer Care this morning and they opened a file said they "may" be able to "assist" with fixing the brakes as it was outside the warranty window, but I would need to have the problem diagnosed. Grrr. Called the service rep I spoke with: nothing under warranty, would have to pay for the diagnosis. Called Customer Care back and asked, OK, how much "assitance" might I be eligible for? 100%? 1%? Sorry, we can only discuss that after the diagnosis. So, they want my money up front with only a vague possibilty of reimbursement, even to only turn the rotors or put back on the same crap components it came with. Sorry, but I'll fix it myself (seeing as the brakes are no longer under warranty) with aftermarket parts. Chrysler will never see another dime of my money. Now, maybe my view is skewed. Do all Dodge brakes need service at 40k km? I dunno. All I can compare it to is my experience: over 35 years, 11 vehicles (7 makes), and 6 of them new from the dealer, I have never, EVER have had warped rotors or required brake service prior to 100k km. Regardless, I am done with Chrysler products and will make it a point to relay my ownership experience to everyone I meet when the topic turns to vehicles, so as to save anyone the disappointment. Hopefully this review will help those doing their pre-purchase research. Buyer beware.
  5. I'm going to start with Dodge was great. But I just had the transmission replaced on my 2014 Dodge Journey R/T @ 56,000km. I do no towing but lots of highway driving in the mountains of the west and the car does great. I was in town driving and the car started to surge at stop lights, then in the middle of the intersection no transmission engagement. Still no check engine light so I managed to nurse it out of the intersection and off to the side of the road. Check engine light then lights up. So I called the dodge 1-800 and had a flatbed there within 30 mins. Yay dodge and they towed me to the dealer that I wanted to go to. Dealer diagnosed with lots of codes, low pressure, metal fragments in pan. They figured it exceeded the 70% damage to rebuild. They ordered a new transmission, gave me a rental car for 5 days but it took 10 days for them to repair it... So now it's an R/T with the towing package (engine oil cooler?) but no transmission cooler? How hot should the transmission run? And thoughts about adding a transmission cooler? Thanks
  6. Ball joint issue

    Hi, I have a right ball joint issue, when i turn right it makes a noise. I have showed it to my mechanic and he told me that it needs replacement. Is this coverd under bumber to bumper standard warranty. Year: 2012 SXT v6 Purchased: May 15, 2012 Delivery: May 16, 2012 Kms: 52,410 Since my warranty is going to expire in 3 days, i just want to know if this is covered or not so that i can take the vehicle to the dealership first thing 5/12 morning. Thanks, TJ
  7. We bought this brand new in 2011. It has 108,000 km on it. We already replaced the front bushings about 2 months ago under the extended warranty. today my local mechanic was doing rear brakes for me and called and said rear knuckles are shot. Called my chrysler dealership and they say they will have to be inspected before a warranty decision is made. I would assume my extendended warranty covered anything up to 180,00 km as i paid for. Anyone else dealt with Chrysler as I have heard this is such a prblem they had to hire an OEM to make these knuckles for them now!! Thanks
  8. I've seen a lot of info out here about brakes and rotors on the Journeys. I have a 2011 Journey with 33,000 miles on it and was just told that it needs new brakes and rotors all around. They tell me it is NOT under warranty, that it is a normal wear-and-tear item. This just doesn't sound right to me, and I'm not sure who to talk to or what to say . . . . Anyone out there have an opinion on this? Should it be covered under warranty? They are asking me to pay $863 to get it fixed.