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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I'm a first time poster and I'm hoping someone can help me with a nagging problem. They say men are the ones who refuse to ask for help, but that's not always the case, is it? I've done everything I can think of to resolve this issue and it's driving me batty! I've been stubborn long enough and I need help. I purchased my 2012 Journey R/T about a year ago and decided to finally add a SD card full of my favorite music. I added about 250 songs at first. I used MP3 editing software to correctly edit such things as artist, song title, album, year, etc. (Yeah, I'm a bit OCD about these things) At first I just listed all the songs alphabetically with no directory folders. Put it in and played around with the voice commands to familiarize myself with it so I could safely use it while driving. Using the voice commands to play specific songs/artists was great, so naturally, I added more songs! I have about 300 now, also listed alphabetically. Here's where the problem started. I'll give an example order of music before and after: Always, Angel, Armageddon It, Back in Black, Bed of Roses, Enter Sandman, Everybody Wants You, Hysteria... After adding a few songs: Always, Animal, Angel, Armageddon It, Back in Black, Bed of Roses, Crazy, Dr. Feelgood, Enter Sandman, Everybody Wants You, Hysteria... Now, for example if I say "play song Animal" (now the second song in the list), the screen will display "playing Animal" however it will play Angel (which WAS the second song on the list originally). If I say "play song Dr. Feelgood" (Eighth song on the list) , it will display "playing Dr. Feelgood" but instead begin playing Hysteria (which WAS eighth song on the list originally), and so on and so on! So it recognizes which song I want to play, it just plays all the wrong ones. It's really not a big deal, but once something presents a problem I become obsessed with solving it. I need to show it who's boss. This is where you come in, because I'm clearly not the boss. This is what I have tried thus far: - I started small, with unselecting the indexing option in the audio settings, removing the SD card, restarting the car, and putting SD card back in. Naturally that didn't work, but it was worth a try. - Next I removed all the music with the exception of ONE song, hoping the memory of the other songs would be removed so I could start fresh. Drove around for about a week listening to that one song. I'm not sure why I was using psychology with my Uconnect system actually thinking that maybe it would forget the other music if I left a "one song SD card" in place. I'm smart, I promise, but I'm getting older and have my moments. On another note, I no longer like that song. - Of course, that didn't work. I disconnected the battery for 24 hours. Reloaded all my music on the SD card. Connected the battery and gave it another try. No such luck. The only thing that reset was my clock, and that's no longer syncing correctly now. It's placing me in a completely different time zone. I'll fight that battle later. - I updated the Uconnect software. Still didn't work. - I read somewhere that I have too many songs perhaps and I need to narrow it down to a maximum 225 songs per directory. I created directories and have under 225 songs in each. - I read that it may be my SD card not formatted correctly. I reformatted my SD card to ensure it's FAT32. - I read that maybe it's because I'm using an SD card and perhaps a USB drive will work. So after trying all of the above (plus more that I'm sure I'm forgetting) and still having the same problem, I give up. I've wasted about 4 months trying to find a solution. I know this seems like such an insignificant, minute problem, but I'm starting to take it personally, lol. Any suggestions that do not involve taking it to the dealer would be appreciated. Thanks!