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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I'm new to this. But I recently got my 2017 Journey back and I went to plug in my USB flashdrive with my music on it, but for some reason it won't read it. I tried a different flashdrive and it still wouldn't read. So I formatted the original one and replaced the music and it still didn't read. Then I checked to see if the USB still even worked by plugging my phone charger into it and it worked fine. Should I buy a new flashdrive?
  2. So, I have always had a USB stick in the console, and played music off of it since 2014. I use the far right button, and dial, below the A/C controls for navigation. All songs on the USB drive have always worked/played, using the "Folder" search option it that automatically goes to when you press the far right button control below the A/C control. Well, a couple of weeks ago, about half of the folders when selected, may just play a single song, and it may not even be the song that gets selected. Also, when you turn the knob, it stays within that same folder, or just plays that specific song over and over again. It used to loop through to the next folder, and you could go through the entire USB stick with the knob. This is getting frustrating. No settings that I have messed with, have nade any difference in this issue. Anybody else had any similar experience?
  3. Hi I just bought a 2017 Dodge Journey. I have been driving it around and get used to all the uconnect features (8.4 Nav) The vehicle has a rear DVD video LCD for watching movies in the back. When I insert a DVD into the front console DVD player, it shows on the DVD rear LCD. Uconnect stated that you can also watch moves on a USB stick. I had some movies using a 32GB stick, FAT32, movies less than 1GB and used both MP4 and MKV video movie files. When I inserted it into the USB slot in the compartment bin of the front console, it indicates "Reading USB" and then says "Files not supported." If I put only MP3 music files, then they are read and play with no problems. If I try to add video to the USB, then get "unsupported file error" Can someone please tell me what I need to do or what, to watch video movies from a USB Having to store a bunch of DVD is very frustrating as I need to change out the disc every time to watch a new movies. Having a list on USB makes it much easier to watch movies. Thanks
  4. When I connect my Iphone 7 to the the USB port in my 2016 Journey, the system syncs with no problem but then will only play music from my itunes library, which there are only like 1 or 2 songs since I use Amazon for all my music. Is there any way to make the journey recognize the music I have in the Amazon library rather than the Itunes library? I've tried opening the amazon music app while it is synced, closing and pausing the Itunes app but it will not recognize amazon music at all. I have tried to find answers through amazon, apple and this forum but have not had any luck. And I honestly do not know which system or app is causing the issue but am hoping someone on here has any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  5. 2013 Journey with 4.3s reb radio with Sirius, Bluetooth, USB, etc. quite happy for awhile. The usb port stopped working. the Bluetooth stopped working. Now - every time I go over a bump or small rock, the radio station changes (I can replicate by hitting the dash with my hand). Is it the radio? or is it the Harness? or the Modules? Do I replace the whole darn thing or try to get someone to diagnose & fix it? The dealer in town is notorious for bad service and cheating people ... not going there. So I have to find someone to look at a radio & try to trust them not to screw with me. It's not on warranty - do I buy an extended warranty and then go into dealer for fix? It looks like all UConnect radios are POS - is there a recall? Who are the engineers and can we call them or send them our POS radios in the mail? or is it just a wiggly harness that is stretched too tight - $20-100 fix??? I'd love to have Dodge respond to this and tell me what is really wrong ... it looks like EVERYONE with a Dodge has this issue.
  6. Hello, I just bought the 2015 Journey R/T AWD with UConnect 8.4N system. When I connect my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1) to the USB port in the center glove box compartment, neither it charges the phone nor it streams music from it. I took it to the dealer, they said it worked with a Samsung Android phone and it is not compatible with the new iPhones. Something related to the capacitor in the car not compatible to charge the new iPhones. Has anybody having the same issue? Anybody knows any solution to this issue? It is hard to believe that it won't even charge the iPhone using the USB port. Please help! Thanks.
  7. Hi All Just picked up my 2015 SXT, I love it I however am having some issues when connecting my iPhone 6+ to play music and podcasts using the USB cable. There is no updates available for the Journey and I'm reading about many people having the same issues as me. No fixes yet. The problem is that it will play about one second of the music I've picked, then it stops It's the Uconnect 8.4N system thanks in advance to anyones suggestions.. I am calling the dealer tomorrow Simon from Ontario Canada
  8. I just bought a Dodge Journey SXT 2014. Can the UConnect 8.4 (not sure the model A, etc., it doesn't have GPS) be upgraded with GPS? Has anyone installed the backup camera (the original one sold by Dodge dealers)? If so, how difficult it is? Would installing the camera myself void the warranty? Went to the dealer and the charge $320 for the camera (not bad), but $468 for the installation (wow, way too much). Thinking about doing it myself. What is the size limit of an external HDD (Hard Disk drive), and what format should it use (NTFS, FAT32, etc.)? What about the USB drives and SD Cards, what are the maximum specs allowed (size, format (FAT32, extFAT, etc.)? On Ebay, I saw a kit, with an addon module (small box), and a connector that is supposed to be added to the radio and it will then have GPS. Price was ridiculous, $1300, while the actual radio (UConnect 8.4 AN) with the built-in navigation costs $1200). Any ideas, suggestions, or advice are welcomed. Thanks, and blessings to all.
  9. hi, I would like to set up a portable USB hard drive to play movies to the rear screen via the RCA connectors. I have an old AC Ryan Mini2 here that has RCA out, plays most media formats, has USB input and runs of 5v DC which I am considering possibly permanently mounting in the centre console. So I could power it of a 12v/5v USB adapter from one of the power outlets and I am sure it would play ok. But the problem is the outlet in the centre console is connected directly to the battery and I am worried if the kids don't turn the off media box then the car battery will go flat. And if I use the other outlet under the front screen that is connected to the ACC then obviously the media unit would hard shut down each time the car was turned off, corrupting the hard drive. Does anyone here have any experience with this sort of thing or any ideas on the best way to set it up? thanks
  10. I drive a 2010 Dodge Journey SXT and have the navigation system build into the dash. Not touchscreen. Under the AUX input is a USB slot and my manual says I can connect in iPod mode to switch tracks and play through the car but when I connect with my iPhone cable it only charges. I have tried looking through every option and mode but when I plug the iPhone into the USB it only charges. It plays fine with AUX Cable but not with USB so I can switch tracks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Howdy folks! Just purchased my first ever new car on July 19 - 2012 Dodge Journey SXT. Absolutely loving the car! However, one thing is stopping it from being absolutely perfect...the ability to stream Pandora from my iPhone 4 to my UConnect system. I've scourged the internet, and can't seem to locate much help on the topic (most of the topics I've seen have been devoted to Bluetooth connectivity - which my vehicle does not support at this time). What I've found - that with my iPhone 4 connected to the UConnect system, it works flawlessly with my library of songs. So I can move around my playlist and control my iPhone music from the steering wheel controls. Now, if I load the Pandora app and push play on one of the Pandora stations, I am able to hear about 2-3 seconds of the Pandora station, before what appears the UConnect system proceeding to go back to my iPhone library to play another track. I hit the Play button again on the Pandora app - same thing, get about 2-3 seconds of music from Pandora, then the UConnect system takes back over and tries to play another iPhone music track. I've tried hitting the pause button on the UConnect system to halt the iPhone music playback, then hitting the play button in Pandora - doesn't seem to have much different effect. Only time I'm able to get it to work, is to exit the Pandora app and relaunch it after it's been connected to the UConnect system - or disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it. This usually takes several tries to get working. On top of that - once I do manage to get it working - the UConnect screen will show tracks from my iPhone library instead of the track currently playing on Pandora. I can use the steering controls to control Pandora (such as skipping a song) - but it just ends up showing the next track on my iPhone library (even though Pandora is playing correctly). It was my assumption from reading posts from around the web, that the UConnect system should be able to detect the Pandora track and display the information on the screen. Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else have better luck with streaming Pandora through the USB connection? Something different I need to set up on my UConnect system or iPhone? Any assistance or insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks all and thanks for reading my first post! -- Brandon