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Found 3 results

  1. Hey 2011 DJ R/T...have the gremlins I think, while driving or idling abs, parking brake, traction service awd, dash lights turning off/on every 3 seconds. Battery light stays on, Loss of radio/speedo and air comes on/off all at the same time, Alternator and front brakes/rotors changed 3 days before this happened. Put obd reader and pulled p0572/P0573 bad Brake switch hi/lo voltage. Tested battery off 11.8v on 13.8v, not sure where to start any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 2010 Dodge Journey making a whirring sound while driving. ESP, ABS, and traction control lights came on while driving. Backed into driveway. Burning smell and no power after shutting off engine. Tried to restart and now key fob is stuck in the ignition. Cannot cycle through gears or anything. Please help me diagnose issue so that I can get it to my mechanic.
  3. Winter Driving - So Far So Good

    Owner Impression Update, Winter Edition TLDR; I talk about my car, and other random thoughts. you've been warned. I've owned the car for 6 months, and put 12K miles on it. My biggest fear was that I would regret buying this thing... I can proudly say I'm happy. Both me and my wife still enjoy the car. Now, season's changed and it's winter - and very cold (8 F, -11 C) - and i'm on the dealership's defualt tires- Kumho Solus with the 19" rims. Big take aways with winter driving my DJ in the snow: - The wheels get imbalanced from ice collection. - The Tires / FWD / traction control leave much to be desired. I knew what I was getting into when i bought it. -Stability control works well... and ruins the fun of doing e-brake slides- Even when the traction is off. - With proper defensive driving, and speed management, the stock kumho tires are plenty sufficient for snow... under 6" depth - The heat works, just don't have the HVAC fan blowing full when the car is cold. Big engine takes a while to heat up. USE the remote start. people complain here that the heat isn't strong enough. I'll tell you, let it warm up more, run the blower at a lower fan setting. Regular Driving notes: -MPG avg 18. mixed in the snow. 25 at 85mph long haul (dry pavement). -The fuel gauge is off by two gallons. when the light comes one I've got 80 miles range (estimated). don't base your range on this number- my level sensor must be incorrect because it never goes over 85% full when topped off. -The DJ car drives smooth. The steering in not too sensitive. By comparison, I drove my dad's '13 Highlander and I felt at high speed it was too touchy on the steering. Side note: Those stock tires are awfully expensive. I had a nail, and Tuffy quoted 250 to replace.... Discount Tire then just quickly repaired it for free. The 'MSRP' on this unit was was $30K in 2011, and I picked mine up for $13,5k in '17. I'm happy with this car, and hope to drive it for a few years.