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Found 3 results

  1. I have just had my 2013 Journey Crew rear wheel bearings replaced and was alarmed at the parts price my local dealer charged me. I have 97,000 miles and had a constant wine (speed dependent) from the rear suspension. This sound slowly increased in volume over time and I did not realize it until one night I drove my Brother-in-laws late model Hyundai and it was noticeably quiet. The sound increases in volume as I rounded a curve in the road. The service writer took a short ride with me and pronounced "wheel bearing." I chose to have both rear bearings replaced since if one was bad can the second be far behind? The Journey has right side and left side parts 68184742AC and 68184743AC sold to me by the dealer at $278 and $240 respectively. The labor to replace both came to $420. Checking those part numbers I found https://preview.tinyurl.com/yxke3ujr that lists the two parts at $178 and $146 respectively. Do I have a chance in Hell of getting an adjustment from the local Dealer? I don't expect the local dealer to match the on-line Mopar price but $100 markup on each part seems excessive.
  2. Hi, Newbie here and new to dodge ownership. I moved to Toronto from Australia back in April and we bought a 2011 Journey R/T. Time has come to book it in for a service and in the absence of people to ask I booked it in at the downtown Dodge dealer. They have suggested a list of things to get changed which I suspect may contain some bogus elements, that said, it's the first service for me and i don't know how long it's been since some of these things were done so there is a peace of mind element to getting it looked over. I'm after a few opinions, I understand how most things in a car work, but I'm far from a mechanic! 1. "Tune-up" $428 - includes replacing spark plugs which i'm told cost around $135 and plugging the ECU into a machine to check it out. why would i do this? i understand the plugs but is it more just about making sure everything is running properly? 2. Induction Service $199 - good to see this is an international dealer upsell... pass.. 3. Front Struts & mounts for $705 + $109 for alignment. - i suspect after 80k this could be legit but the price seems high. i recall paying $1000 for struts & springs on my landcruiser in Aus. is this normal for Canada? 4. Apparently the Rear Toe Links are ceasing.. $559 to replace. 5. Replace all Fluids. Power Steering $109, Brake $105, Trans $225 & Coolant $125 - these could be fine but with no history i don't think it would hurt to change them. The rear toe links are the main one I'm unsure about. seems a high price, ceasing vs ceased tells me I can leave this for a while but what happens when they cease? does it just make it hard to align the wheels or is there something more I'm missing? Anyone else on here from the inner eastern side (beaches area) that is or knows a mechanic that could offer a second opinion/potentially better pricing? Appreciate the help.
  3. 2014 Journey Service Manual

    Greetings... Does a PRINTED service manual for the 2014 Journey exist...??? I've been driving for over 50 years and have owned many vehicles in that time. I do most of my own maintenance and the first thing I purchase is the Service Manual for the car. I've had manuals from Chilton, Haynes, Chrysler etc. Recently, I acquired a 2014 Journey SVT with the 3.6 engine and started searching for a service manual. So far, no luck. I've seen some info available on a CD or DVD, but I want a printed manual. I have the usual Owner's Manuals that came with the car. Now, I need the service manual. Have they stopped printing manuals? Or is the car too new for the aftermarket printers to make one? I'd appreciate any help If you can lead me to a source. Thanks...!! Roger >>