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Found 14 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone else has received this email. Costs $99 to do this. It Looks legit, but this is my first time dealing with this on my 2018 Journey. Thanks!
  2. My map “failed” roughly 6 months ago. Dealer kept saying to update the software, so I did. Twice. Map still didn’t work. Kept saying “no map data”. I see a lot of comments on this forum about the Navigation system, so I wanted to give my story. Finally last week, I took my car back to dealership because we specifically bought this Journey for the Nav. We also bought an extended warranty (thank god) so we knew the unit was covered. After hours of diagnostics, they FINALLY realized the unit was bad, and it needed to be replaced. They flat out said Dodge doesn’t like to admit this issue because it is a very expensive fix. So, I am getting a new $2500+ Nav unit for a $100 deductible. Advice: KEEP on them!!! This started at 45,000 miles, just past my factory warranty!! If we didn’t buy the extended we would of been screwed. They also said the map should still work with the free software update, the only reason anyone should pay the $200 one is to see potentially new roads/etc. It should STILL work without that expensive update. Hope this helps someone:)
  3. I did a dealer-based upgrade to an RB5 sourced from a different dealer. Seems to work well giving me the larger screen, backup camera was enabled, but navigation is rough. GPS thinks I'm 5 streets away most of the time. I went to Garmin's site for UConnect updates and it says based on my Unit ID that I'm up to date, but really doubt that's accurate with a CTP of 2012.
  4. I purchased a 2017 dodge journey being told it has navigation the end of January. went out of town 2 weeks ago to find it has traffic and maps thru Sirius radio to cities I won't ever go to. Called Sirius and they said the cities can't be changed. Is there a way to make the radio have nav on it without buying a new radio? I have the back up camera and 8.4 screen. thank you
  5. So my navigation lost all its marbles. Upon startup the message "Can't Unlock Maps" pops up and I can not use my navigation. A limited somewhat correct display map pops up but I can not navigate to anywhere. Dealer days the unit needs to be replaced at $550. They tried at no charge to me to update the unit and also tried to update the maps. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. So my navigation lost all its marbles. Upon startup the message "Can't Unlock Maps" pops up and I can not use my navigation. A limited somewhat correct display map pops up but I can not navigate to anywhere. Dealer days the unit needs to be replaced at $550. They tried at no charge to me to update the unit and also tried to update the maps. Anyone else have this issue?
  7. so i use my gps navigation about 1-2 times a week. usually i can hear the talking gps voice OVER my music. however last night i used it and the talking voice was barely hearable. i didnt change any settings that i know of. does anyone else have this issue? id like to be able to hear the turn by turn like normal again
  8. Well, I had enough parts to attempt the 8.4 upgrade from the 4.3S today. I have a 2014 Journey but found out that the Dart receivers are NOT compatible with the Journeys, lesson learned. The unit I got was listed as Nav but when I checked it out it is not, which is just as well as I will be returning it because it doesn't fit. Here's the most important question I have - what model receivers are compatible for the swap? I am under the impression that Chargers are and possibly 300's as well. (although the background color may be different). Does anyone have any more info? I know that I can't get a 2014 Journey nav radio as they don't make those. I hooked everything up and nothing worked. I don't know if that's because it was a Dart setup or if the receiver I got just flat doesn't work. I've read a lot on here (and even the Dart forum) on upgrading the radio. I even contacted Uconnect and they told me that it's the same system (rb5, but I know they don't offer Rb5 in the current Journeys) in the Darts as in the Journeys. Although I'm guessing that even if it's the same system I know the mounting box isn't the same. I really wouldn't be too against the RE2's but I want Nav capability down the road even if I don't need it right now. I am stumbling through this... Would the 8.4" screen work with 4.3 receiver? Even that didn't work when it was hooked up and I'm hoping it's because the receiver wasn't communicating properly with the screen. Thanks for any help
  9. Hi all. Just joined the forum and am hoping to get some advice on an upgrade to my 2013 Dodge Journey SXT. It came with the uConnect 8.4 touch screen radio (the one without the NAV). I found this on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/131034135918?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I asked the seller a few questions about it and he said it is a simple swap for the 8.4 and will add nav capabilities. Has anyone done this upgrade on their Journey? I'm far from being a "car guy" but generally handy. Any thoughts on this upgrade would be appreciated.
  10. I just bought a Dodge Journey SXT 2014. Can the UConnect 8.4 (not sure the model A, etc., it doesn't have GPS) be upgraded with GPS? Has anyone installed the backup camera (the original one sold by Dodge dealers)? If so, how difficult it is? Would installing the camera myself void the warranty? Went to the dealer and the charge $320 for the camera (not bad), but $468 for the installation (wow, way too much). Thinking about doing it myself. What is the size limit of an external HDD (Hard Disk drive), and what format should it use (NTFS, FAT32, etc.)? What about the USB drives and SD Cards, what are the maximum specs allowed (size, format (FAT32, extFAT, etc.)? On Ebay, I saw a kit, with an addon module (small box), and a connector that is supposed to be added to the radio and it will then have GPS. Price was ridiculous, $1300, while the actual radio (UConnect 8.4 AN) with the built-in navigation costs $1200). Any ideas, suggestions, or advice are welcomed. Thanks, and blessings to all.
  11. Voice Command is not being processed by Navigation Tools, even it is being returned as OK: 1 - When a route is defined I entered the voice command "Cancel Route"; 2 - The system has returned me "Would you like to cancel the current route?" 3 - I answered "Yes" 4 - The system returned me "Canceling current route" Sounds perfect, but the current route was not cancelled. And it is the same for other Navigation commands like "Go Home". No error message, but no action in the system. All Voice commands, such as Phone Commands or Sound System Commands are working well. My car is a Dodge Journey RT 2012. Does any one have any idea on how to sove this?
  12. I built to order a 2013 Journey SXT late november,and asked for the 8.4N. Upon delivery it has 8.4. when asked the dealer said the only options were 430 and 730(neither of which are the 8.4). After calling Uconnect/looking at their site it shows only 8.4 or 4.3 are options, not 730. He is clearly wrong and making no attempt to fix it. Is there a way/software upgrade that can make my 8.4 into a 8.4N or do i need to get the unit switched out? Can anyone confirm a journey order in early november or before that has a 8.4N in it? Any suggestions? This thing is fully loaded and cost 30K, i'd like to have what i wanted! Please help, this is my wife's first new car ever and i'd like it to be perfect for her.
  13. Hey people good morning, I am looking around to see if there is a way to do back up camera and navigation on my 2012 Journey with 4.3" screen and my wifes 8.4" screen? I do not want anything like external monitor. I want to have everything just like factory. Do you guys recommend anything or any shop that I can go and check this options? Thanks
  14. So I got the new 2012 Journey with the backup cam, 8.4 inch screen but it does not have the navigation in it. Is there a way to add it to add support for it or am I stuck buying one of these 3rd party junky ones?