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Found 2 results

  1. I recently installed new front rotors and pads on my '12 SXT and now I hear a grinding noise. it only happens when i put maybe 30-50% pressure on the brake pedal, and only when I get under 25 mph or so until i completely stop. The rotors are completely smooth and I have no idea why it could be grinding with brand new pads/rotors. It's definitely coming from the front, so if anyone has any ideas, please share.
  2. Hi, I bought a 2013 Journey about a year ago in January. In May I started to notice a rubbing/grinding noise coming from the passenger side front end of the car while accelerating through very mild left curves on certain roads. It would happen going through the turns in the same spots on the same roads, but not on other similar left curves. Took it to the dealership and the tech could not replicate the noise. From May to November, the noise has gotten progressively worse. It happens on more and more left hand turns, mostly when driving a little fast and while accelerating. Take your foot off of the accelerator and the noise dies down to a stop. Push the accelerator harder through the turn and the noise increases more and more the more you increase speed while turning. The noise does not happen anymore on the roads in the spots where it was first heard in May. In November I took it back to the dealer, and replicated the noise for the service manager. After 4 days, they could not pin down a cause. On the last day they claimed they "traced the noise to the left front axle shaft", which they replaced, and they said it corrected the noise. That was not true. I got the car to do the noise on the way home that night!!! It is still there and it is increasingly worse since the so called repair. There is also a hollow knock sound that happens mostly when going down a neighborhood street at a slower speed and rolling over small bumps (bumps you don't even really see). AND there is a springy squeak when pulling into a driveway over a hump, or coming to a stoplight with a bump or pothole in the road (have to be going pretty slow over a bump or into a hole, or you don't hear it) Took the car to another dealer yesterday who inspected the car and did not see anything wrong. They heard the noise and recommended I rotate the rear tires to the front since the rear were in much better shape. Well, I did that today, noise is still there. I even added power steering fluid since it sounds similar to the grind some people on this forum complained about on the 2008 which was traced to the power steering pump. NOISE IS STILLTHERE!! This is so frustrating. The car is ours free and clear now and I could not sell it to someone right now if I tried. I feel stuck with a lemon. I fear for the safety of my kids every time I drive it. I called the Chrysler Protection Plan that I paid for AND Dodge customer service and they are no help. Please someone out there help!! They even checked for a rock behind the heat shield and that was not the cause. The wheel is not turned all the way to the lock position for it to happen, more at the 9 to 10 o'clock position. It has gotten so bad that now if I am accelerating from the right lane to the left to try to pass a car, it can be heard mildly while changing lanes sometimes but not as reliable as when in a turn. Also, the noise is NEVER present from the left side while turning right. Thank you for any input. I am 7 months pregnant, this is my daily driver and I am at my wits end!!!!