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Found 5 results

  1. My tailgate doesn't get a signal from the lock button or the remote. I took off the tailgate cover and I know how to use the screwdriver to unlock the gate from the inside or when the gate is open. But, before I start replacing parts, I want to check the location of the fuse. I think it is under the glove box, but I want to know WHICH fuse runs to the tailgate. I see driver door and passenger door, but no TAILGATE. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Mike
  2. OBD II Fuse

    My 2009 Journey OBDII will not power any scanners now. It was working last week but now it will not power any up. Is there fuse that I can check? I know one scanner that was plugged in recently had issues and it did not power up. I have 2 others that will not power up on this vehicle now. I have looked at the accessory power fuse M6, M7 and M36. All look good. I will test pin 16 in morning to be sure but I am expecting a blown fuse.
  3. I'm in the UK and have a 2010 Journey. Both my fobs are showing "Damaged Key". The wheels are on full lock and locked. How can I release the steering lock? If I remove a fuse (M27?) will that release the steering lock? Also, when the 2nd key displayed "Damaged Key" both front windows opened and now won't close! Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi, All of a sudden, none of the windows work. They were working fine 2 days ago, however when I drove today I was not able to make any of the windows go up or down. I tried the driver control as well as each individual control and none of them work. From the driver side, the mirror control and the lock-unlock control work fine, it's just the windows. This makes me believe it might be a fuse issue, however, the manual does not have a specific fuse for the power windows. Does anyone know which fuse I should look at or have face the same issue? I have a 2013 dodge journey SE. I don't have time to take it to the dealer right now, so I'm hoping to be able to find a solution. Thanks a lot!
  5. So I was attempting to add some LED lighting strips under the dash of my Journey and was trying to use the electrical connectors that fold over the prongs of the fuse so they can be inserted into the fuse slot along with the fuse itself (see attachment). Problem is in my attempts to push it into the slot I've now apparently spread the slots to wide where the fuse, when by itself, just falls out of its fuse slot. PLEASE tell me I can fix this easily. I hate jacking my baby up. If worst comes to worse I would consider taking it Dodge to have them fix, but you know they'd want an arm and a leg for it. BTW: 1) What type of fuses are they? 2) Anyone know the fuse slot to use if I want the LEDS to come on when I open the door? 3) Last but not least, what's the best way to tap into the Journeys fuse box unobtrusively? Apparently my connector idea isn't it. Thanks all.