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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, Hoping to get some help on this forum as i am really stuck on this. I am having Dodge Journey for last 3 years and have no issue at all, recently two weeks back it started some noise from engine. Having looked by few mechanics it was mixed opinion like bad Rocker arm or loose timing chain but no one was sure. One of the mechanic asked me that he wanted to keep the vehicle for inspection. I dropped the car on Friday and he called me to workshop on Tuesday evening and explaining me issues he found in car (not the actual tick noise) like bad jump / strut, slight leakage from one of the heater hose. but was not confirmed about the engine noise. At that time he started the car and engine and it was running fine. he wanted to keep it to make sure or investigate. After no response from him i decided to pickup the car which first he said for thursday and then he pushed to Friday. This is now from where problem start. So i went to pickup the car. I started the car and as soon as i come out from his workshop and drove 300 meter the engine start shaking and then stall. I tried one more time but same, engine shaking and then stall. I called him as he was there and he said something is broken. I said to him that i am not expert but i am sure nothing has broken. There is one thing i want to mention is that when i picked up the car he said that battery is flat but when i put ignition it started the car. After the stall the check engine light was on. I did not allow him to touch my car further and towed car back to home. First of all took battery out and put it on charger (12V/2Amp) it took 4 days to charge the battery. After that read the trouble codes it was for low volts and engine Misfire P0300. Having some internet research and with few try i am able to work out that engine starts and runs for little while (untill fuel finishes) if the fuse of fuel pump relay or fuse of fuel pump is taken out. Otherwise it just shake and then stall. Any suggestion ? or idea ?
  2. Hello, I am also an owner of a Brand New 2016 Dodge Journey, which I was happy about, but now have a completely different outlook. I am having problem filling up at the gas station pump. I have visited approximately 5 different gas station attempting to fill up my vehicle. Every time the gas pump clicks off, repeatedly. And the car is almost on E. . EVERYTIME. I have taken the car in 2 weeks in a row. And the dealership has found no problem. Now my husband had the same problem on the fill up early on, when I would ask him to take it to the gas station and see if I'm doing something wrong (even though I've owned cars since I was 16 :-), STILL the same problem. The last visit time, my husband drove to a gas station, with the dealership mechanic, and the car filled up fine, at a certain gas station, on a certain pump. So, ok I'm crazy, right!? So Yesterday, I go back to that same gas station to a different pump, thinking okay, this is a good gas station to fill up at. Mind you, I honestly don't think I should have to ONLY fill up at a certain gas station. What if THAT particular gas station is no where to be found? It does it AGAIN. Keeps clicking off. I even recorded my husband having the problem with the first pump. So, I move the exact same pump my husband used earlier with the dealership mechanic, works fine. I included the video of my husband making his attempt after I tried at the first pump. Also, on my last visit, I found out a memo went out about this exact same problem, in April 2016, and they failed to mention it. I had the mechanic print it for me. Shouldn't they have the disclosed this issue to me BEFORE purchase? Does this fall under the Lemon Law? Because honestly, I'd rather return the car than have this same problem for the next 10-12 years. I have to know, should this even be a problem, for any new car owner? AND, why should I have to hunt down a specific gas station to fill my gas tank? To me, that's madness. AND, if there is a definite permanent fix, can someone please let me know? And how do I get the mechanics to dig deeper into the issue? I was really in love with this car, before this problem came up. Terence Fill up.mp4
  3. E85 vs Gasoline

    I have recently decided to change over to E85 for my fuel in my 2013 Dodge Journey! I must say I did see a decrease in my mileage per gallon but have a increased performance from my engine which I love. Also I know it burns cleaner not leaving my resin in my fuel system. Has anyone else used E85 and if so what have you learned or experienced using it?
  4. Flex Fuel Question

    Hi, we just bought a 2013 Dodge Journey SXT yesterday! So, the Journey we bought yesterday was a certified pre-owned vehicle. It only had 18,400 miles on it. It was a rental vehicle, and it has a 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty that started in 12.2012, which means we have about 6 years 4 months left. So it has the 283 HP 3.6L Pentastar V6 that features Flex Fuel that allow it to take Ethanol fuel. Here's my question...I was reading that there is no real standard for this fuel, so the only cons are that the Ethanol fuel might not perform as well as a gas engine and more importantly, certain cars that use Flex Fuel need some sort of Engine lubricant if you do use Ethanol with it. Can anyone tell me if that's true. Do I need to put something special in it to use Ethanol? I really want to use this as I live in SoCal and the gas prices where we live are $3.86 (for lowest normal gas price 87 Octane) vs. $3.25 for Ethanol. Is there anything I should know about using Ethanol over gas? Do I need to use anything at all in order to use this fuel? Can anyone tell me if the performance is affected by using Ethanol and if so, then how much. I would like to see the pros and cons for it. Like I said earlier, the only cons that I read was Ethanol might not perform as well as regular gas and some engines require something special in order to use Ethanol. Thanks in advance!