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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings Journey owners, this is my first post. I am a Fiat 500 owner about to take delivery (in the US) of a low-mileage 2017 Journey GT, and as my wife and I are Fiat nuts (don’t laugh!) I would like to swap out the front grille, rear badge and steering wheel badge with their 2017 Fiat Freemont counterparts from either Europe or Australia. (The “FREEMONT” embossing on the Fiat tailgate probably necessitates an entire new tailgate, putting it out of my price range.) Does anyone happen to know a European or Australian parts website that would carry these things and ship to the US? I understand German and some Dutch and Italian, so some websites in those countries would be more helpful than, say, France. Thanks!
  2. Dear All, This isn't my first post, I have asked before about verifying the existence of a UConnect option of a changeover switch for a Fiat Freemont's headlights to be able to drive it legally both in Europe and the UK. That was a fruitless enquiry, no one could help in the end and the mystery of whether this functionality exists outside of the owners manual still isn't solved for me. It became irrelevant as when I bought the car a year ago, the dealer promised a cheap enough solution. I have now been assigned back to the UK from Poland where I bought my Dodge Journey in its Italian suit. Problem is, to import it, it needs to pass a technical inspection and currently, the lights point the wrong way. I asked when I bought the car and was told that for about $400 equivalent the RHD lights were readily available and a breeze to fit. Now, 1 year later, I go to buy them and the Polish dealer is claiming that this was never the case. In desperation I have trawled numerous sites and other forums and I have found the ePER here: (which may be of some wider use to DJ owners) I think part numbers K05067786AC and K05067787AC may be what I need (they are the only ones listed on Australian and Irish sites) but - at over $1000USD equivalent - I want to be absolutely sure. The Polish dealer doesn't have a clue, or care, and just wants my money - can make me a special order but no returns. UK Fiat dealer is telling me that there is nothing available for my production year and to give up (not an option) The central customer helpline just directs me to speak to a parts department at useless dealers. Australia doesn't have an email and is asleep when I am awake - I have asked in a Australia forum. Japan... well... have you tried to read it? Aftermarket option is half the price but lots of risk (both because of the nightmare stories of poor quality and because it might fail at import inspection) Can any on the Gurus on here give me a clue: 1. Will the fittings for K05067786AC and K05067787AC definitely match the current set: K05067786AD and K05067787AD? Will they work? 2. What do the last 2 designators on the Mopar parts mean - do they give me any clues? 3. What are Line B vehicles as opposed to Line C & D vehicles? - I have seen references to this when differentiating between part numbers 4. How simple is it to change internal workings to make the lights RHD legal? Any, any other help with this would be greatly appreciated. I'm posted in 4 weeks so if something has got to come from a long way away, I am already cutting it close. Thanks in advance
  3. Can DRLs be done for my 2014 freemont with 4.3 screen as well? I have been to my dealer twice to activate my DRLs but they told me that some "hardware" is not physically in the vehicle and activation is not possible. They told me the same thing twice, so I wrote it off as not possible for my vehicle. my freemont vin:3c4pfabb3et228165 my journey vin:et307440
  4. AWD at snow

    Hi there! As you may know, here in EU is Dodge Journey known as Fiat Freemont (almost identical - only badges and front grill is different), Freemont is offering 4 engines - 2.4 L4 gasoline (125kW/170hp 6°A/T), 2.0 L4 diesel (103kW/140hp MT or 125kW/170hp version with AWD/AT availiable) and excellent 3.6 V6 Pentastar AWD A/T only. Thats just for your imagination. So, what's the point in this thread? I would like to know, how Journey behaves in snow, it should be just fine, Journey uses Jeep's ECC Freedom Drive I or II, I doesn't exactly remember which version, and according to my friends (who owns 2.0 AWD and 3.6 V6), Freemont/Journey behaves surprisingly well, definitely better than Honda's real-time AWD. And because my familly is considering buying of CUV - Freemont, Honda CR-V or Mazda CX-5, and because we doesn't have plenty of snow here this winter (unlike You at US/Canada), could somebody make a short vid with Journey at snow - Slight uphill starts, stars at few inches at snow, doughnuts maybe - not necessarily that last one :-) I could only find these two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMCcsd73AQU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbD5ZkK74iY Thanks for everything!
  5. Fiat Freemont (2013) safety recall

    DID ANYBODY TRY TO FIX THIS ISSUE? – please advise Please see notes bellow: The recently launched Fiat Freemont is being recalled to fix a potentially serious engine fault. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission say the engine in the Fiat people mover could experience a loss of oil pressure and subsequent engine main bearing failure. PRA number: 2013/13869 Date published: 26th November 2013 If the defect occurs the engine may stall or fail, posing a potential traffic hazard to road users. 2013 Fiat Freemont owners are being asked to return their vehicle to their local Fiat-Chrysler Dealership to have the engine balance shaft module replaced. http://www.recalls.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/1053928
  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice. I purchased my new Fiat Freemont in Spain July 2011 and had some initial teething problems which were all but sorted out by July 2012 including having new parts put into the gearbox due to hardness of engaging gears and 2nd gear not engaging at all at times. Within a week of these repairs I returned the car to the dealership to complain that I was still having trouble engaging the gears and there was a sound of crashing on each change but not all of the time. The dealership put a report to Fiat HQ in Madrid to correct the work under guarantee but they refused this request simply by saying that it was a "hard gearbox" and they would not agree to my claim. I am now left to challenging their decision and would like to hear from anyone with a similar problem.