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Found 5 results

  1. Hiya, I am reading the from for a quite while but this is my first post I live in Turkey and using dodge journey 2012 (fiat freemont in europe) 2.0 diesel engine with 62te 6 gear transmission , lounge (equivalent to sxt) car itself has the alpine sound system, my dash speakers are not working. we have 2 of this car and when ı tried the amplifier from the 2nd car , didn't help either. so I decided problem is speakers not the amplifier. all the other speakers are working only there is no sound from the dash speakers. anyone else had a problem like this before? I wanted to remove and try other speakers on dash but couldn't find how to remove dash speakers, it seems there is no seperate cover , do I need to take out all dash? that's crazy
  2. Hello, is there anyone who has the assembly instructions for the top dash display of the mygig rex / reu radio. Is there a cable that connects the radio unit and another that I do not know where it goes, someone with the assembly diagram? Best regards. Sérgio Almeida
  3. Dash Rattle Near Windshield

    So recently I've been getting a weird mystery rattle in the dash.. close to the windshield in the center. It sounds like plastic, but applying pressure to any of the dash panels doesn't make it go away while driving. When I lean closer it sounds like it's coming from INSIDE the dash area, but it's very constant. Last night I went through and removed everything from the glove box, bottom storage cubby, anything that might be causing the problem that isn't part of the car and it's still there. Is anyone else experiencing this? My DJ is a 2017 Crossroad Plus, and it has about 18k on it now. I know this sounds like a little thing, but it is driving me NUTS!!! Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, Yesterday I noticed the right side of the LED back lighting behind the HVAC (Air Condition) control are gone. So I give it a slight tap and it comes back on. As the vehicle moves along the bumps, it shuts back off. Any tap or bump on the unit or sides makes the back lighting turn on and off. The left side is completely intact. So I obviously think lose connection. I Google how to remove the fascia which is just an easy pull, the whole HVAC controls are attached to this fascia. The wires seem okay. I check the wires as well as what seems like the LED bulb holder (there are two, one on each side) which I don't even know how it works or is seated. I just touch it and try to twist and turn it thinking it's like a bulb screw but nothing gives. Nothing loose. I tap on the fascia itself and it comes back on again and stays on despite repeat hard taps on it. I put it all back again, give it a few taps and bumps on the side and everything good. So really I don't know what I did or how it fixed itself. My question: 1. Anyone experience similar issues of the back lighting turning off on one or both sides of the HVAC controls? What was the problem and fix? 2. Anyone know how to remove and replace these LED bulbs in case it does eventually burn out? Thanks for input.
  5. Here's my gps instalation for my gps and backup cam. I'ved try to have it install by the dealer and they charge me around 1500$ for an interface for the uconnect 4.3. i bought the magellan 5255 with the wireless backup cam and make my own mounting device for the gps.I used an old tube clamp i found in my stuff ans a piece of velcro. Not in the uconect but i think it's looking great.